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Powerful Analytics for Microstockers

Track your sales in real-time, slice and dice your earnings. It's cross-agency, cross-platform, all in one place.

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“Awesome work! I check every day to see how long it takes to recover the money for each photo shooting. The level of detail on sales is amazing.“
“Stock Performer is far and above anything in its field and currently the best way to track the perfomance of your images.“
“The stats are accurate and the design is magnificent. Very useful to see and analyze sales trends“

Popular Features

  • Sales in Real Time

    See your sales as they happen! Automatic updates.

  • Collections

    Group your pictures into collections and profit from our analytics.

  • Top Sales Analysis

    Discover your best sellers and see trends emerge.

  • Track Multiple Agencies

    We track iStockphoto, Fotolia, Shutterstock, Dreamstime, 123RF, Getty Images, Stocksy, and Depositphotos. More coming soon.

  • We Track All Assets

    We track Photography, Video, Illustrations, Audio, Flash and any other item you sell.

  • Monthly Forecasts

    We forecast your month’s performance, so you know what you earn ahead of time.

  • Sales Breakdown

    Our powerful filter helps you slice and dice your data.

  • No Passwords

    Our technology does not require your agency passwords. We simply don't need them. Read our Privacy Policy.

  • Completely Web Based

    We support all platforms. We are a web application.

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